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Remembering for the Future 2000



Possible Chambon Foundation documentary.  A modest but valuable talking-heads classroom documentary consisting of highlights from the "Remembering for the Future 2000" conference, filmed for the Chambon Foundation by Pierre Sauvage.  The conference, held in summer 2000 at Oxford University, brought together Holocaust scholars from around the world.


Remembering for the future: The Holocaust in an Age of GenocideThe 3-volume set of papers presented at the conference will be an invaluable resource for many years to come.  (Among the contributions: "Varian Fry in Marseille" by Pierre Sauvage.)

Edited by John K. Roth and Elisabeth Maxwell

ISBN: 0333804864, 3 volumes, 2976 pages, published 20th April 2001

Information provided by Palgrave, the publisher:

Focused on 'The Holocaust in an Age of Genocide', Remembering for the Future brings together the work of nearly 200 scholars from more than 30 countries and features cutting-edge scholarship across a range of disciplines, amounting to the most extensive and powerful reassessment of the Holocaust ever undertaken.

In addition to its international scope, the project emphasizes that varied disciplinary perspectives are needed to analyze and to check the genocidal forces that have made the twentieth century so deadly. Historians and ethicists, psychologists and literary scholars, political scientists and theologians, sociologists and philosophers - all of these, and more, bring their expertise to bear on the Holocaust and genocide. Their contributions show the new discoveries that are being made and the distinctive approaches that are being developed in the study of genocide, focusing both on archival and oral evidence, and on the religious and cultural representation of the Holocaust.

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